Christmas service is held on December 25th at 11am.... read more
EM, KM Worship 10:00 AM
EM Worship 11:00 AM
2:00 PM
Wed. Worship 4:30 PM
Fri. Worship 8:00 PM
Dawn Worship 5:30 AM
Intercession 3:00PM
Ezra Bible 10:00 AM

Sunday Sermon
열 둘을 택하여 사도라 칭하셨으니(누가복음 6장)
누가복음 6:1-19    Play Audio  
네 죄사함을 받았느니라(누가복음 5장) Play Audio  
주여, 나는 죄인이로소이다(누가복음 5장) Play Audio  
마귀에게 시험을 받으시더라(누가복음 4장) Play Audio  
회개의 세례를 전파하니(누가복음 3장) Play Audio  
이것이 너희에게 표적이니라(누가복음 2장) Play Audio  
English Sermon
He chose twelve, designated apostles(Luke 6)
Luke 6:1-19    Play Audio  
Lord, I am a sinful man(Luke 5) Play Audio  
Preaching a baptism of repentance(Luke 3) Play Audio  
I am the Lord's servant(Luke 1) Play Audio  
Preach the good news to all creation(Mark 16).. Play Audio  
The stone had been rolled away(Mark 16) Play Audio  
Pastor Column
6 January 2021
January 6 was the Federal Senate and House of Representative joint meeting in Capital. After the election, a lot of iniquity evidence came out like a..  
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Church News
Christmas Worship
Christmas service is held on December 25th at 11am.  
 10th Anniversary 11/02
 9th Anniversary 11/04
 Fasting and Easter Sunday 04/19
 The Church Member Ceremony in Beptism 01/21
 Eucharist on Sunday 01/03
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